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Sunday, September 9th, 2012 11:11 AM. Posted by Zachary

It's certainly been a busy summer here at Cyclotopia. We've been busy building custom bikes for pleasant folk, mostly Surly Disc Trucker's ready for world travel. We've also built a super commuter Soma Double Cross, a Surly 1x1 equipped with an Alfine 11 speed hub and a Soma Saga with a suprisingly useful 2x10 SRAM drivetrain. Custom builds are cool because the result is something a little different than most bikes on the road. We get to pour tons of love into every part of a bicycle and you end up with something that's going to last a lifetime, and look sexy doing it. Want a custom build too? Come talk to us and we'll help figure out exactly what platform works best for you, and take care of all the technical stuff.

BIG NEWS! We are now officially a Kona Dealer. Kona Bikes was founded in 1988 in Washington and is still owned by the original founders. Kona has deep racing roots in mountain biking, road racing, and cyclocross. This is reflected in their impressive lineup of everything from your big travel full suspension bikes to ridiculously practical commuter bicycles. The guys at Kona are great to work with and we are excited to be the exclusive dealer in Corvallis, OR. Come have a look!

As some of you may already know, we closed our doors for 4 days to go mountain bike trekking around Mt. Hood via Cascade Huts. Six of us left Hood River Aug. 20th, embarking on a 140+ mile ride on forest service roads, rough 2"+ gravel roads, and tasty smooth singletrack. We threw rocks of 200ft rock races, slept under stars we'd forgotten could be so bright, bathed in ice cold snow runoff, swam peacefully in warm Trillium Lake, and drank lots of beer. We rode together, ate together, climbed more than 20,000ft together. Although two broken racks, two broken panniers and a cracked frame threatened our return, we survived to tell the tales of the legendary Chupacabra that threw sticks into our spokes. Long live the Cyclist.

Mt. Hood

Carpenter time

Friday, March 30th, 2012 11:11 AM. Posted by Zachary

Its very, very Oregon outside right now. The perfect weather for a project. I'm sure you have noticed our "ring of many bikes", which is, to say the very least - super-duper-awesome zen chi flow inspired. Obviously we had to continue this mentality elsewhere due to the grand implications on personal happiness to all who enter the shop. We've decided to reconfigure our workspace, add on to the wooden floor, and create a more streamlined, inviting floorplan. We think you'll like it. For your viewing pleasure, here is an action shot with our beloved Neil inspecting our carpentry skills. More to come!


we are so surly!

Sunday, November 20th, 2011 4:05 PM. Posted by Zachary

Not really, actually we consider ourselves pretty well-behaved friendly helpful cycle folk. : )

But we ARE now carrying SURLY bicycles! We have complete Long Haul Truckers, and Cross Check framesets. Remember, if its on their website, chances are we can get it for you, just ask.


If you haven't heard of Surly, well, they are pretty darned cool. Every frame they make is 4130 chromoly steel. They emphasize practicality and durability in their parts choices for their builds. This creates an extremely durable, long lasting bicycle without breaking the bank. Surly offers everything from road bikes to mountain bikes to touring bikes to their outlandish Moonlander with a 4.7" wide tire. Almost all bikes are available in a frameset if you want to customize your build. We can help you out with that, too.

Surly LHT Deluxe

Notice anything "different" about the Long Haul Trucker above? Yup, disc brakes! Surly is creating a disc version of the Long Haul Trucker dubbed the "Disc Trucker" with handy-dandy any-weather any-where disc brake stopping power. It will be available as a frameset or a complete bike. What more could you ask for in a touring rig? Thanks Surly! The Disc Trucker should be shipping early next Spring. We can't wait either!

winter is coming...

Sunday, November 20th, 2011 2:29 PM. Posted by Zachary

Its been a great summer at Cyclotopia! Thank you to everyone's continued patronage and support in helping make us the bicycle shop we are today. Keep on pedaling!!

We have started to slow down as the weather changes, but that just means that there will be little to no wait for your needed repair or tune-up! Visit us soon to keep your trusty steed fast and efficient through the winter months. We have ample supply of fenders to keep that nasty road spray off your back! Eww! Also, as dusk comes earlier and earlier, be safe and be seen with a headlight, taillight and reflective gear. We have a special on a very capable rechargeable headlight setup, check it out!

There are some super duper awesome LED USB rechargeable headlights and taillights coming into the market, and we have a few models in stock. USB rechargeable lights will pay for themselves over their lifespan and you will never have to buy batteries! They work in all standard USB 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 ports on your desktop or laptop PC or Mac, or with a wall outlet USB adapter.

Sound good? We agree.

The holidays are right around the corner so swing by, we've got many giftideas for the practical cyclist in your life!

Alchy Award Winner for "Best Bike Shop" in 2009!

Sunday, April 5th, 2009 10:03 PM. Posted by Craig

voted #1 for this years Alchy Award!Cyclotopia won this years "Best Bike Shop" award by local independant weekly Magazine The Alchemist.

"How can you live in Corvallis without owning a bicycle? Maybe you own a bicycle, but it is in dire need of repairs. Or even still, perhaps you have a working bike, and it could use some minor adjustments or new accessories.

So where do you go? With an abundance of bike shops in our little city (at least six) you certainly have options. How then do you choose? The readers of The Alchemist have helped potentially narrow it down for you, naming Cyclotopia the winner of the Alchy Award for "Best Bike Shop" in 2009. This is the second year Cyclotopia has been nominated and received a significant number of votes, taking the number two spot behind Corvallis Cyclery in 2008.

birds eye view

What about Cyclotopia, a small shop run by Mike Easter on Second Street across from the Toy Factory- makes it stand out? According to Mike, Cyclotopia fills the 'bike as lifestyle' niche in our community, appealing to everyday bikers from college students to commuters. Plus, last August, Mike and crew, with tongue in cheek, revamped the layout of the shop to improve the Feng Shui and the general appeal of the showroom. Another attraction at Cyclotopia: a couch! You can sit on the sofa and 'just kind of hang' while Mike and Neil Ousterhout tune up your cycle. Together, these two have 40-plus years of experience in the local cycling scene.

If you visited the bike shop in 2009, you might have also met employees Tim Anderson, Vernon Huffman, or Craig Ayers-Hale. Or perhaps you had the pleasure of seeing Sydney, Neil's Heartland Humane Society-adopted Australian Shepard. She's a sweetie.

The latest trend in the semi-leisurely realm of cycling personified at Cyclotopia is adding an electric assist to your bike, giving you battery backup to add a little power to your peddling. This could especially be helpful say, if you have to tackle Witham Hill every day.

Mike himself is a cycle tourist. He enjoys soaking in the sights from the seat of a bike. He's even thinking about organizing some cycling tours, maybe featuring a few of his favorite loops around the Oakridge area and the coast range (for the latest information, check the bulletin board in the shop). So put on your brain bucket (helmet), quit dragging your feet and get down to Cyclotopia, 'where cycling and paradise meet.' You might be able to get a sweet deal on a used bike, or check out a brand new one. They'll fix your flat tire while you wait.

- The Alchemist, March 2nd, 2010

Here for Corvallis since 1995

Saturday, Jan 1, 2009 9:33 PM. Posted by Craig

We're here for all of Corvallis' cycling needs. We have Jamis, Cannondale, and Breezer bicycles as well as over 40 years of full service experienced repairs. We have a full selection of accessories, and offer both new and used commuter, road, mountain, tandem, and children's bikes. But don't just take our word for it!